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Water Heater (6000W) Power Stream 5

Water Heater (6000W) Power Stream 5

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Product specification
  • Power (watts): 6000
  • Safety system type: ELCB ELECTRONIC
  • Internal power cut (seconds): 0.1
  • Heater type: coil made of 100% COPPER
  • HEATER made of material: 100% COPPER
  • Temperature control system: Thermister
  • Maximum water temperature (degrees): 60
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes 1693-2547
  • Maximum connections (points): multiple points
  • Installation: both vertical and horizontal
  • Power adjustment: Linear temperature adjustment system
  • Shower: yes
  • Can be adjusted (level): 5


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About the Product

Product Details


  • Power 6000W
  • Copper boiler
  • BLCB that cuts off the power immediately When there is a leakage current within 01 seconds
  • Real-time notification system                                   


  • Do not use acidic chemicals. and alkaline cleaning
  • The ground wire must be installed along with the installation of the machine.
  • Should be installed by an expert technician

For a relaxing and comfortable shower with a hot water heater MAZUMA Power Stream 5

Ready for you to shower with safety features and modern design with Power Stream 5 water heater from MAZUMA. Shower comfortably and can enjoy spending good times. There is a system that allows you to shower safely with BLCB that cuts off the power immediately within 0.1 seconds and also has an intelligent safety system and a real-time notification system. For a worry-free bathing experience Suitable for installation and use in all types of bathrooms

Highly durable
fast heating With a copper pot material that will help heat very well and is also highly durable. meet the needs of use

Focus on modern design
Beautifully designed with a modern design. It has an easy-to-use temperature adjuster. Convenient to use with external temperature control knobs. You can choose the right heat level as you want.

MAZUMA Water Heater Power Stream 5