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Gaming Keyboard GX Red Linear (Black) G512 Lightsync RGB

Gaming Keyboard GX Red Linear (Black) G512 Lightsync RGB

Product specification
  • Product type: KEYBOARD GAMING
  • Color:Black
  • Linear GX Red
  • The top case is made of 5052 aluminum alloy.
  • Full-spectrum RGB with LIGHTSYNC technology
  • Game mode and onboard memory Settable macros
  • USB PASSTHROUGH for charging and data or connect a mouse



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About the Product

Product Details

Simple design that is comfortable in the hand and comfortable on the eyes For gaming performance GX Red Linear Gaming Keyboard G512

Open to new experiences With the power of victory For smooth movement
Speed, thrill every match, let every game of yours be the control you want to be precise.

Its simplicity is very useful.
High-performance gaming keyboard with advanced GX mechanical switch option.
Advanced gaming technology and an aluminum alloy construction make the G512 simple, durable and feature-rich.

Each button can be customized from approximately 16.8 million colors. Create your own animations or
Choose from a selection of preset effect. And with LIGHTSYNC technology
The lighting will change according to the game, sound or screen to bring you the most immersive RGB experience.

Mechanical switch
100% built and tested to guarantee responsive performance.
And durability.Choose from three different mechanical switches.
Including GX Blue (Clicky), GX Brown (Tactile), GX Red (Linear).

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Constructed from strong and durable 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy which allows for a simple design and beautiful shape.The tough 5052 alloy also provides durability and slip resistance to the keyboard housing.In its entirety for an unbeatable gaming experience.

Convenience and speed that you can instantly access. Extra USB cable specially designed to connect the ports.USB Passthrough to input for full power delivery and data speed.
Plug in the device to charge. Or plug in the mouse to defeat your opponent without any hiccups

Complete function keys
Media and lighting controls are at your fingertips. Use the FN button to control volume.
Play and pause, mute sound, switch game modes, change lighting effects, and more. Use the Shuffle feature.FN in Logitech G HUB and configure your function keys to perform alt commands by default.

Features designed especially for gaming
Don't lose a game just because you accidentally pressed the Windows® key. Switch game modes with FN + F8.Disable extra buttons using Logitech G HUB, store RBG light patterns.
Of each button in the onboard memory for use with any system

Pressing 26 keys at the same time and not forbidding simultaneous key presses.
Press multiple keys at the same time in any order and get the same result as pressing 26 keys simultaneously.Optimized simultaneous key press gives you confident control.
When multiple game commands have to be run at the same time.

Programmable macros
Use Logitech G HUB to program custom functions and macro commands on the F1-F12 keys.
Make your gaming life easier. Run complex commands
Or release a set of actions or spells at the preset time With the press of a button