Keyboard (Black) K120

Product specification
  • Color: BLACK
  • Button: 104KEYS
  • Port: USB
  • Supports: Win XP, VISTA 7.8 OR LINUX
  • Warranty (Year): 3
  • Waterproof
  • LOW-PROFILE button

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About the Product

Product Details


Your hands will enjoy the low-noise, standard-fit buttons that come with the F-keys and numeric keys.

Looks good and strong

This slim keyboard does not just look good - its tough to wear. Strong legs And durable buttons 1

easy to use

You simply plug it into the USB slot on your computer. And it is ready to use immediately.

Comfortable and quiet printing

Youll enjoy a comfortable and quiet printing experience with low-profile buttons that reduce noise. And the standard model comes with F-keys and numeric keys.

Fluid protection design

The liquid will flow out of your keyboard, so do not worry that it will be spoiled by an accident like spilled water.

Slim figure

The keyboard has some buttons that allow it to look good on your desk. While making your hands more comfortable. And in a position not.


The button can dial up to 10 million times, so you use it longer than other keyboards.

Strong and adjustable legs

You can increase the height of your legs to increase the angle of the keyboard by 8 degrees to suit your physique.


Installation is simple - you simply plug it into the USB slot on your computer. And its ready to go right out of the box.

Easy-to-read keyboard

The letters on the keyboard are thick and bright white, making it easier to read. And it can be difficult.

LOGITECH style reliability

You get a high-quality product that works right out of the box that makes Logitech a leader in the price of a keyboard and mouse - and a three-year warranty.

SPACEBAR curved button

It puts your hand in the natural position. You can print with more comfort.

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Logitech Keyboard (Black) K120