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Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 24 kg TV2724SV9B.ABMPETH

Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 24 kg TV2724SV9B.ABMPETH

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Product specification
  • Washing drum size (kg): 24
  • Spin cycle(rpm):900
  • Number of top load washing programs: 12
  • Motor system: Inverter Direct Drive
  • Connect smartphone
  • Save fiber 5 5 stars
  • TIS(Yes/No):1463-2013 , 1463-2013


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About the Product

Product Details


  • Power Motion: This technology uses fast and strong rotating washing plates to improve washing efficiency.
  • TurboDrum: The drum and washing shaft rotate in opposite directions. Creates a strong water stream that cleans clothes thoroughly.
  • JetSpray: Sprays water onto clothes during washing to help remove detergent residue.
  • Reduces allergies: There is a hot water and steam washing system to help kill bacteria and dust mites.
  • TurboWash: Can finish washing clothes quickly.



  • You should check the pockets of your shirt and pants. Always search the washing machine for items such as coins, pins, and other things that could harm the washing machine.
  • You should leave the lid of the machine open for a moment after collecting the laundry. to expel moisture Prevents mold growth
  • Do not put your hand into the laundry tub until it is completely still.
  • Do not pull out the power plug while your hands are wet
  • Do not wash clothes more than the specified amount
  • Please be careful to keep children away from the laundry tub.

Top-loading washing machine LG model TV2724SV9B works with the Inverter Direct Drive system, managing energy use and working quietly. There is an intelligent fabric care system with Smart WI-FI control, controlled via smartphone.



Suitable for users who need to wash a lot of laundry. need large capacity and a variety of special washing systems, including TurboWash3D, clean & Fast and WaveForce and JetSpray create powerful waves. To increase the efficiency of washing and rinsing water When combined with the counter-rotating TurboDrum, Causes fast washing Giving you time to do other activities you love in* Scent+ mode will help the fabric softener penetrate deep into the fabric during washing. Keep clothes smelling fresh and moist for longer. Including a larger lint filter that helps keep the drum and your clothes cleaner.


Washing machine works smoothly
This washing machine balances vibration and spin speed with 4 vertical dampers, 2 horizontal dampers and a vibration sensor.
Power Motion
Power Motion improves washing efficiency with stronger and faster movement of the washing shaft.
Reduce allergens
Wear clothes with confidence Because you know the stains Allergens And bacteria are eliminated with a hot water and steam washing system.
Connect and control from anywhere
The LG ThinQ app makes connecting to your washing machine easier than ever. existed before Start your washing machine with the touch of a button.

Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5