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Front Load Washer & Dryer (15/8Kg) F2515RTPW.ABWPETH

Front Load Washer & Dryer (15/8Kg) F2515RTPW.ABWPETH

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Product specification
  • Drum size (kg): 15
  • Drying drum size (kg): 8
  • Baking system:Condenser
  • Spin cycle (r/min): 1200
  • Number of front loading washing programs (programs): 12
  • Inverter system: yes
  • Dimensions (cm): 94.00 H x 64.50 W x 77.00 D

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About the Product

Product Details


  • AI DD™
  • TurboWash™
  • Stainless Lifter
  • Steam™
  • ThinQ™                                                                                                                                             


  • Please consult the manual before use.
  • It should not be placed in an area with too high a temperature.
  • Should not be placed in a location with high humidity.
  • should be moved with caution Especially lifting up - down the stairs to prevent damage.
  • If any abnormalities are found in use, turn off the power and unplug. Then contact a qualified technician to fix it.

Front Load Washer & Dryer LG (15/8Kg) Model F2515RTPW.ABWPETH with Smart WI-FI control, control via smartphone


intelligent washing system 14.5% more
fabric care

AI Inverter Direct Drive™ increases washing efficiency. and prolong the service life of the

Washing and drying clothes in
one machine

LG washing machines and dryers save
space by combining washing. and drying
clothes in the same machine Keeps your
clothes clean and dry in one step.


Wash more deeply
The LG steam™ washing machine removes
99.9% of allergens such as dust mites, fine
dust in fabrics. This may cause allergy
symptoms or respiratory problems.

Increased durability and cleanliness
Increase exterior durability with tempered
glass doors Ready to maintain the cleanliness
of the washing tank better with a stainless
steel drum


Inverter Direct Drive works more stable
and quieter.

With the Inverter Direct Drive motor in the
washing machine from LG, which is stable,
reduces noise and has a 10-year motor