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Front Load Washer & Dryer (15/8kg) F2515RTGV.AESPETH

Front Load Washer & Dryer (15/8kg) F2515RTGV.AESPETH

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Product specification
  • Washing + dryer (kg) size: 15/8
  • Spin cycle (cycle / minute): 1200
  • Washing program (program): 14
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • Inverter system: Yes
  • Dimensions (cm):94.00 H x 64.50 W x 77.00 D
  • Pre-wash time (hrs.): 12
  • Special washing system: Yes
  • Economic washing program: Yes

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About the Product

Product Details

Key Highlight

  • AI DD™ intelligent fabric preservation system
  • TurboWash™ washes clean and fast.
  • Increase durability with Stainless Lifter
  • Steam™
  • ThinQ™
  • Compatible with TWINWash™ Mini                                                                 


  • Do not modify the device.
  • The grounding wire should be properly installed before use.
  • Always unplug when not in use.
  • Clean the tank after use to reduce the buildup of dirt.

LG F2515RTGV washes clothes quickly. With superior fabric preservation

LG model F2515RTGV, front-loading washing machine, washing capacity 15 kg / dry 8 kg, comes with an intelligent fabric preservation system More fabric care with AI Inverter Direct Drive ™ increases washing efficiency. And extend the lifespan of smart clothes with Smart WI-FI control work via smartphone



How does AI DD ™ technology work?
The AI DD ™ technology in the LG washing machine doesnt just weigh the laundry. But will check the type of fabric And select the rotation of the drum to suit the fabric most

Washing and drying clothes in one machine
LGs laundry system saves space by combining washing. And drying clothes in the same machine Keeps your clothes clean and dry in just one step.

Washes clean and fast with TurboWash ™.
Quickly wash your favorite garments with TurboWash ™ technology while maintaining the same washing performance.

* TurboWashTM will run only certain programs. The washing time may vary depending on the load, the program selected. And the washing environment
** Tested by LG in-house laboratory with 2.8kg fabric and 15 ± 2oC water, 35g fabric softener.

Wash more deeply.
LG steam ™ washing machine removes 99.9% of allergens such as dust mites, micro dust in the fabric. Which may cause allergy symptoms or respiratory problems

Increase durability and cleanliness
Increase external durability with safety glass doors And keep the drum clean better with a stainless steel drum

Inverter Direct Drive works quieter and quieter.
Inverter Direct Drive motor has no belts and pulleys, so the machine runs quieter, quieter and more durable.

LG Front Load Washer & Dryer (15/8kg) F2515RTGV.AESPETH