Coffee Maker (1450W) EA819E

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Product specification
  • Type: Coffee Maker
  • Menu:  4 
  • Dimension(cm):25.5Wx36.3Hx39D
  • Weight(kg):9.08
  • Mortor Warranty: 2 Years



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About the Product

Product Details

Enjoy delicious coffee drinks full of flavor in a simple way with the KRUPS Arabica Latte automatic espresso machine! You no longer have to go out for great coffee; brew the black gold in your own home from now on. This cappuccino and espresso machine is equipped with a user-friendly control panel and extra large LCD screen; for easy coffee preparation and delicious espresso and cappuccino at the touch of a button. Three milk presets ensure customized results; for delicious creamy coffee and milk drinks, just the way you prefer them. You can also store up to four customized preparations using a smart system. A removable water reservoir and simple three-piece milk reservoir make cleaning a breeze.

KRUPS Arabica Latte! EA819E 

Preparing perfect coffee has never been easier
Enjoy perfect drinks and effortless preparation, thanks to the user-friendly operation of the device with an extra large LCD screen. Clear buttons for easy, user-friendly coffee preparation.

  KRUPS Arabica Latte! EA819E 2


Adjust your drinks to your own taste
From powerful black coffee to creamy milk recipes. Drink your coffee exactly as you like it best. You can determine the intensity of the coffee as well as the amount of coffee and milk. For perfectly personalized coffee, you can determine the intensity by adjusting the grind of the coffee beans; the finer the grind, the more powerful and creamier the coffee. The grinding fineness also depends on your beans: stronger roasted and greasier beans require a coarse grind, while lighter roasted beans will be drier and need to be ground finer. Make 2 black (milkless) drinks at the same time. Create custom drinks just the way you like them.

Store up to 4 of your favorite preparations
Save up to 4 customizable recipes - 2 black coffee drinks, 2 milk drinks - save time and enjoy the perfect drink in your favorite cup.

  KRUPS Arabica Latte! EA819E 3

A powerful heating system
The Arabica Latte coffee heating system provides better temperature control and thus better flavor extraction. Save time with this technology: 30 seconds after you press the button, your drink will be prepared. Save energy thanks to energy label A.

The best quality and taste for your coffee
Always the best taste for your coffee: day after day, cup after cup. This fully automatic espresso machine is equipped with the unique Quattro Force technology; for delicious, balanced coffee, full of flavor. The KRUPS Quattro Force system optimizes every step of the espresso preparation process for uncompromising quality from bean to cup - its like having a barista in-house.

Grind coffee like a barista
The active grinder has a stainless steel conical burr grinder for a quick, consistent coffee grind that a barista would be satisfied with! Select a fine grind for aromatic espresso or a coarse grind for a lighter taste.

Tamping coffee like a barista
The UltraFlat system for uniformly tamping the ground coffee ensures even results thanks to 30 kg of hydraulic power. This ensures optimal flavor extraction.

Brewing coffee like a barista
The UltraFlat system for tamping the ground coffee ensures even results thanks to 30 kg of hydraulic power. This ensures optimal flavor extraction.

Cleaning like a barista
The KRUPS Autoclean Pressure System automatically drains the water from the compact Thermoblock heating system after the preparation of each drink, just like a barista would. This ensures that no stagnant water remains, minimizing limescale for easy and limited maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Reliable, durable metal design
The high-quality internal design includes stainless steel parts that heat up faster; for perfect results from the first cup. Less water is required and less rinsing is required, thanks to a unique brewing unit. The stainless steel conical coffee grinder provides optimal water supply for maximum taste. The unique metal design ensures exceptional quality and long-lasting performance, every day.

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