Baggage Bulldog

Product specification
  • Product type: Canvas bag model BULLDOG
  • Color: Black
  • For putting: car bag, equipment and luggage
  • Materials used: canvas
  • Size 16 oz.
  • There is a zippered storage compartment on the front and back.
  • Dimensions (cm.) 32 H x 61 W x 25 D
  • In the middle of the zip pocket there is a compartment for storing large items.
  • There is a velcro attached. Or can be used to place in the Bulldog car model, it can fit in the compartment.




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About the Product

Product Details

Kronos Bulldog luggage from Kronos, a distributor of electric motorcycles and e-bikes.

Key Highlight

  • Strong fabric
  • Sun resistant, wind resistant

  • Can hold a lot of stuff

  • Can be placed in the Triad-s model to fit in the compartment.



  • Do not put things that are larger than the size of the bag. or having too much weight
  • After installation, make sure it is in the correct position. and strong and stable

The bag has a capacity of 16 oz. There is a zipped front-back storage compartment. In the middle of the zipped pocket there is a large compartment with velcro fastening. Or can be used to place in the Bulldog car model, it can fit in the compartment.

The bag is made of high quality fabric that is strong and durable. long service life suitable for personal belongings or other devices

A unique bag with a unique design that focuses on smooth, cool, luxurious, good-looking in vintage style.

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