Digital Piano (White) ES120

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Product specification
  • The newest Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action system.
  • Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI connections
  • Comes with a beautifully designed stand and 1-lever pedal equipment.
  • Dimensions(CM): 131.00 W x 15.00 H x 28.50 D

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About the Product

Product Details


  • 88 keys
  • Harmonic Imaging Piano Sound System
  • Can be sampled in stereo.
  • Has the sound of Kawai's grand piano models SK-EX, EX.
  • Bluetooth
  • Line out



Digital Piano Kawai ES120

Add beauty to your home with the Kawai ES120 electric piano, a portable electric piano with the newest Hammer Compact that can respond better. Shigeru Kawai grand piano sound, Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth® MIDI connectivity, built-in sound, at an incredibly affordable price. Ideal for musicians looking for a realistic sounding piano. But still able to move easily Or place it on a stand without taking up too much space. Ready to create an atmosphere at home that becomes your stage.


The ES120's Responsive Hammer Compact was specially developed to enable the portable instrument to recreate the distinctive feel of an acoustic grand piano. Based on the highly praised RH action design. Springless technology and robust construction provide consistent movement. while improved cushioning materials reduce keyboard noise. Get a smooth, natural and highly realistic piano playing experience.


Experience authentic keyboard feel and rich grand piano sound.
Adjustable metronomes and music recorders are invaluable tools for beginning pianists. Dual and Split play modes and 100 drum rhythms allow players of all levels to immerse themselves in the creative spirit.
Kawai's PianoRemote control app
Available for iOS and supported Android devices, the app connects to the piano wirelessly via the instrument's built-in Bluetooth feature. It makes it easy to change sounds or adjust settings from a beautiful user interface.

Kawai ES120