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Bluetooth PA Speaker (1300W) IRX ONE

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Product specification
  • Speaker type: Front, Subwoofer
  • Output power (watts): 1300
  • Receive Bluetooth signals: Yes
  • Speaker size: front pair 2 inches/6 way, Subwoofer 8 inches/1 way
  • Combo with channels 1-2 and XLR inputs with 48V phantom power
  • Automatic feedback suppression (AFS)
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes 62368

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About the Product

Product Details


  • C-shaped array of six 2-inch tweeters delivers extremely clear and unique sound.
  • 8” woofer with bass-reflex design generates natural, smooth low end, down to 40 Hz
  • Automatic adjustment of speech and music with technology from Soundcraft
  • The speakers can automatically optimize the sound for excellent performance
  • Control the bass and treble as desired
  • Excellent elimination of feedback noise
  • Streaming with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0
  • Built-in 3-channel mixer

What's in the box

  • JBL IRX ONE loudspeaker
  • 10' (3m) IEC power cable
  • Quick Start Guide




JBL IRX ONE State-of-the-art PA column speaker with 3-channel mixer, streaming audio via Bluetooth 5.0 for even more ease of use. And can be held with one hand, easy to carry anywhere. Therefore, it is suitable for trainers or lecturers, lecturers, and event organizers.


Advanced sound technology and all-area coverage
C-shaped array design that can adjust the sound direction itself. It has six 2-inch high-frequency drivers that deliver sound with high clarity. and has a wide sound Covers thoroughly from front to back. As for the 8-inch woofer, it drives powerful bass with low frequency response up to 40 Hz.
Ergonomically optimized design
IRX ONE is easy to carry that can be held in one hand. The speakers can be installed and removed in just seconds. And the handle is designed to allow the wrist to support the weight safely. It is also designed to be able to store the column speakers at the back of the speaker cabinet for easy portability.
Easy to use with just 3 channels of mixer
IRX ONE features a 3-channel mixer that supports universal connectivity, including Input ¼” and XLR with 48V Phantom Power and balanced mix-out. ¼” dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression (AFS), 5 EQ presets, automatic speech and music attenuation with technology from Soundcraft

Supports streaming with Bluetooth 5.0
Streaming with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, IRX ONE also delivers premium audio performance and stable long-distance streaming.                                                                                                                                   

Functionality and Durability Considered

IRX ONE is built to last. It undergoes 100 hours of rigorous testing and testing in rough road conditions. Guaranteed with a full warranty for 3 years.


 JBL IRX ONE PA Column Speaker