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Air Cooling Fan (21L) CL152

Air Cooling Fan (21L) CL152

Product specification
  • Type: Cooling fan
  • Adjustable wind power (level): 3
  • RemoteControl: Yes
  • ThermoFuse system: Yes
  • Label No.5: No
  • Dimension (cm):73.30 x 37.00 x 32.00
  • Natural wind mode: Yes
  • Set time (hours): 7.5
  • Water tank capacity (L): 21
  • Other systems: IONIZER mode traps PM 2.5 dust
  • Covering an area of 14 square meters.

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Water tank capacity 21 liters
  • 3 levels of wind power adjustable
  • Safe with automatic cut-off system (Thermo Fuse)
  • IONIZER mode traps PM 2.5 dust particles
  • Covering an area of 14 square meters.                                                                                                        


  • You should read and learn how to use it. Recommendations before use
  • Always keep an eye on the water level and add water.
  • Clean the machine and change the water regularly. to prevent the occurrence of musty odors and accumulation of pathogens
  • Always unplug the power plug when not in use.

Passing coolness to all families with Air Cooling Fan HONEYWELL CL152 capacity 21L

During the sweltering weather, HONEYWELL is ready to help you relax with coolness with the CL152 evaporative cooling fan, whether in the bedroom. Living room or favorite corner in your house Turns hot air into powerful coolness. with high cooling efficiency Ideal for cooling, covering an area of 14 square meters, adjusting the wind power to 3 levels, trapping PM 2.5 dust with the IONIZER mode, designed for safety and durability. Safe to use with thermal fuse automatic shutdown system, beautiful design, can be moved conveniently.

The cooling fan comes with IONIZER mode that can release negative ions. Improve air quality, trap PM 2.5 dust particles

Powerful and stylish
Designed to increase coolness and for comfortable use. without losing beauty The bottom has wheels that can be moved. Respond to use anywhere you want.

Safe with automatic power cut system
No worries about use. When the motor temperature is high, the system will automatically cut off the power with the Thermo Fuse system.

HONEYWELL Air Cooling Fan (21L) CL152