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Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 13.5 kg LTL H3MVW0T GG

Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 13.5 kg LTL H3MVW0T GG

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Product specification
  • Washing Capacity (kg):13.5
  • Max Spin Speed (RPM):750
  • Number of top load washing programs: 8
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes TIS 1463-2013, 1462-2019



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About the Product

Product Details

  • Dual Waterfall technology comes with designed propellers. To increase washing efficiency
  • Inverter Motor System
  • Adjustable liquid compartment
  • Tangle Free Finish system reduces tangling and twisting of the fabric.
  • Air Jet Dry helps reduce the humidity of the fabric.
  • Rear Control Panel: Ergonomically designed control panel.
  • Tempered glass lid, Soft Close lid and has a locking point for the tank lid.
  • Do not put clothes in the drum beyond the capacity supported.
  • You should remove items from the bag and check the inside of the machine before washing every time.


Be assured of superior washing performance with the new washing machine Hitachi LTL H3MVW0T GG

Meet the washing machine model LTL H3MVW0T GG from Hitachi that comes with new innovations designed to increase washing efficiency to be cleaner and more convenient. With Dual Waterfall technology and Inverter Motor system, providing energy-saving washing. It also helps reduce noise and vibration, reducing tangling and twisting of the fabric after washing. Make the fabric less wrinkled with the Tangle Free Finish system. Enjoy a shorter drying time with the Air Jet Dry system that rotates the drum to effectively reduce the moisture in the fabric. Giving you confidence in every spin drying faster.


Dual Waterfall technology comes with designed propellers. To increase washing efficiency
Dual Waterfall technology is a new innovation that is specifically designed to have two levels of water. which makes washing convenient No matter how small the quantity or large quantity By giving you confidence in thorough cleanliness. By taking care of clothes and efficient washing It comes with a propeller inside the machine that increases the washing force of the water. Allows you to reduce washing time. and reduce water use 17%, including increasing energy efficiency by up to 10%.
Tangle Free Finish System
Tangle Free Finish system reduces tangling and twisting of fabric after washing. which is suitable for delicate fabrics Including moving the drum to help preserve clothes from tangling. As a result, the fabric can be easily removed from the machine. and have fewer wrinkles.


Washing mode
Open a variety of washing experiences with comprehensive washing modes From the quick wash mode that increases convenience. Until the sterilization mode that focuses on stain removal gives you peace of mind that all types of delicate fabrics will be well taken care of.


Adjustable liquid compartment
Adjustable liquid compartment Comes with a rotating mechanism. You can choose to add liquid or powder detergent for efficient water distribution. Comes with a level meter that helps select the right amount of washing powder for the program you choose. You can be confident. with a laundry experience that is more convenient than ever before.


Various washing programs

  • Quick Wash Program: Can wash clothes in just 20 minutes (when loading a maximum weight of 2 kg.)
  • Half Bucket Washing Program: For convenience in quick washing in everyday life. Clothes can be washed in just 29 minutes (with a maximum weight of 6 kg.)
  • Stain removal program: Helps clean everyday stains such as sauce, mud, sweat stains, and heavy stains. By adjusting the water temperature, soaking time and detergent concentration.
  • Automatic drum cleaning mode: When each washing cycle is finished, Automatic drum cleaning mode It will help clean the tank both inside and outside, which can remove mold stains. and bacteria effectively


Soaking function
The soak function is designed to easily remove heavy stains. By gradually breaking down deep stains before starting to wash. Start by adding water to the washing tank. Soak clothes in detergent. Then carefully spin the fabric for a specified period of time. To prepare the cloth for washing
Increase the fragrance of fabric
Experience a fresh-smelling washing experience with a mode to increase the fragrance of fabric and soak in fabric softener for a longer time. For clothes that smell good every time you wash them You can be confident in the fragrance of your clothes that lasts longer than ever.


Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5