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Front Load Dryer (9 kg) TD-90YFE

Front Load Dryer (9 kg) TD-90YFE

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Product specification
  • Drying tank size (kg): 9
  • Baking system: Condenser
  • Inverter System: No
  • Preset time (hours): 1 - 24
  • Program Standby Mode: Yes
  • Eliminate/prevent bacteria and mold: Yes
  • Steam system: Yes
  • Motor system: Asynchronous
  • Washing tank made of material: Stainless steel
  • Body made of material: Stainless steel



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Drying tank size (kg): 9
  • Dry system: Condenser
  • Steam system: Yes
  • Smartphone connection: Yes
  • Motor system: BLDC inverter                                                                            


  • Install a ground wire to prevent danger from using electrical appliances.
  • Always check the dryer and other equipment before and after use.
  • Be careful of the heat from using a tumble dryer.
  • Do not modify, modify and use the wrong type of dryer. or wrong method of use
  • Do not put materials, equipment or items other than the dryer cloth in the dryer.
  • Do not touch the cord or move the dryer while it is in operation. and wet body

Front Load Dryer 9 kg Hitachi Model TD-90YFE

Make your clothes clean, fragrant, soft and fluffy even more. Front Load Dryer 9 kg Hitachi Model TD-90YFE. A helper to make drying clothes easy. without causing the fabric to shrink or lose its shape Comes with a variety of functions that can be used It saves a lot of time especially during the rush hour. No need to wait for the clothes to dry from air drying or sun exposure, along with eliminating and preventing mold and bacteria as well.

Hitachi Front Load Dryer (9 kg) TD-90YFE

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