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Air Conditioner Standard Inverter (12100 BTU, Inverter) RAS-PH13CMT
HITACHI Air Conditioner Standard Inverter (12100 BTU, Inverter) RAS-PH13CMT

Air Conditioner Standard Inverter (12100 BTU, Inverter) RAS-PH13CMT

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Product specification
  • Size (BTU): 12100
  • For room size (sq m): 14-18
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Can filter small particles up to PM 2.5
  • BTU range specified: 3070-13640
  • SEER: 16.21
  • Compressor warranty (year): 10
  • Temperature control while sleeping: Yes
  • Humidity control system: No 
  • Cooling system: Yes
  • Set time off / on (hrs): 12 
  • Swing up and down system: Yes
  • Left and right swing system: No

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About the Product

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Hitachi Standard Inverter air conditioners help reduce PM2.5 through the collaboration between Stainless Pre Filter and Nano Titanium Wasabi Filter.

Delivering the ultimate clean air With a 2-step air purification system
By working together with Stainless Pre Filter and PM2.5 Wasabi Filter, the substance can effectively trap dust particles size 2.5 microns up to 99%.

Nano-titanium filter, stainless steel prefilter
Trap dust, reduce bacteria accumulation, prevent bacteria up to 99%

PM2.5 dust filter coated with wasabi extract

  • Dust filter: Filters 99% of PM2.5 dust
  • Reduce accumulation: reduce bacteria accumulation 99%, reduce allergy accumulation 95%, reduce mold accumulation.
  • Odor reduction: Reduces odor by 82%
  • Inhibit organic substances: inhibits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 98%.

Another level of dust and bacteria removal in the machine with Frost Wash technology.
Clean up the dust that has accumulated. By creating ice crystals on the cooling coil panel, melting and washing away dust quickly. Reduces mold And bacteria up to 93%

Air Sleep Timer
Air Sleep Timer function in Hitachi air conditioner. There are working principles that promote better sleep. When the Air Sleep Timer mode is selected, the machine will go into silent operation. It will gradually increase the temperature from the set value by 2 ? C within 2 hours and stop working automatically after the set time has passed.

More confident with quality materials
We strive and develop air conditioners to meet the needs of daily use. And selected high-quality materials for performance of the device and durability for long-term use With a heat sink made of copper Helps to reduce corrosion For durability, a condenser that can withstand external temperatures up to 46 degrees and also coated with Green Fin that will increase the service life by up to 3 times, extending the service life. Work longer Circuit board cover made of metal To prevent ignition, the outdoor coil structure All pieces of anti-rust paint coated, PCB board can withstand a maximum of 420V.

Hitachi Standard Inverter

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