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Top Load Washing Machine (12.5 kg) SF-125XE COG

Top Load Washing Machine (12.5 kg) SF-125XE COG

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Product specification
  • Drum size (kg): 12.5
  • Spin cycle (rpm) 750
  • Washing programs (programs): 10
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • INVERTER system: no
  • Motor warranty (year): 10
  • 59.00 x 100.80 x 63.40
  • Machine Warranty (Year): 1
  • Advance washing time (hours): 3-12
  • Special washing system: no
  • Economical washing program: Yes
  • Fabric soaking system: Yes
  • Eliminate / prevent bacteria and mold: No
  • Cancel spin: Yes
  • Tank cleaning program: Yes
  • Child lock, open lid: Yes
  • Motor system: UNIVERSAL
  • Maximum water consumption (liters): 175
  • Automatic water level adjustment: Yes
  • Body made of material: IRON (RUST PROOF BODY)
  • The tub is made of material: stainless steel.
  • Total power (watts): 475



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About the Product

Product Details

Hitachi Top Load Washing Machine (12.5 kg) SF-125XE COG

Only 4 function buttons
Meticulously designed For ease of use

Program to adjust the washing power
Can adjust the washing strength up to 5 levels to suit each type of fabric

Water Increase Program
Add more water to the laundry you want, just press the Shower Plus button

Respond to all applications.
Can choose the water level, washing time, number of times to wash And time to spin dry easily With the up-down arrow keys

Clothes-drying system after spin
Helps the fabric to become less tangled, reduce wrinkles and easier to remove the fabric from the drum. Exclusive to Hitachi only

Auto Self Clea -Automatic drum cleaning system
Automatic drum cleaning system every time you wash clothes Keep the tub clean Protect the fabric thoroughly. For better hygiene of you and your family

Certified by the Allergy UK, eliminating and inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria up to 99%

The water flows down to clean both the inside and outside of the tub. While knitting, washing, rotating at high speed The water will penetrate the various parts of the dirt that is attached to the island. Keeping your washing tub clean

Designed for easy maintenance
Easy to clean Free of dust and fabric residue

Hitachi Top Load Washing Machine (12.5 kg) SF-125XE COG

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