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Stick Vacuum Cleaner (25.2V, 0.5L) PV-XH3M CG

Stick Vacuum Cleaner (25.2V, 0.5L) PV-XH3M CG

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Product specification
  • Suction system: dry
  • Power (watts): 25.2
  • Suction power (watts): 170
  • Dust filter system: HEPA 13 (CYCLONE)
  • Dust capacity (liters): 0.5
  • Dust collector: plastic box
  • Long wires (meters): 2.9



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Auto Detect Sensor
  • Handle, handy design
  • Maximum suction power 170AW
  • HEPA 13 filter
  • Swivel nozzle Auto Drive Head
  • LED lights increase visibility
  • The battery can be removed separately from the machine. 


  • Do not modify, modify or use the wrong type of product.
  • The device should be stored out of the reach of children.
  • Be careful when the product falls or bumps, it may cause damage.
  • Do not use acidic chemicals. or alkali to clean for a long service life
  • Do not use or store in areas subject to high heat and humidity.
  • Do not suck sharp objects such as broken glass, nails.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner Hitachi 25.2 Volt Model PV-XH3M CG

Keep your home cleaner with the Hitachi PV-XH3M CG Stick Vacuum Cleaner. with beautiful design The handle is designed for comfortable use. Comes with a maximum suction power of 170AW but weighs only 1.8 kg, which will allow you to clean for a long time throughout the house.



There is also an LED light to increase visibility and an Auto Detect Sensor. In addition, the Auto Drive Head motor suction head will allow the machine to reach and clean in all areas. And there is also a HEPA 13 filter that helps to easily dispose of dust with just one push of a button. The machine comes with a variety of additional suction nozzles. and a device stand for convenience in use.

Light weight makes cleaning easy.
With a lightweight design Helps cleaning in accessible areas become easy. Can be cleaned on tables and sofas, as well as stored on cabinets and accessories. Save space and look beautiful and organized.

Cyclone suction power
With a powerful motor, Motor 3D Fan with blades helps control the air flow. Separate dust and air by swinging in the direction of the air. Makes vacuuming more efficient.                                                                                                                   

Green LED Technology
White and Green LEDs Helps you see dust in the cleaning spot better. Green light near the wavelength. that creates the brightest light Helps to see clearly between the surface and dust. Makes cleaning even easier.

dust box Easy to clean
Uses air circulating in the dust collection box. Compress the dust into lumps so that it falls into the box. Hair and even fine dust are also compressed without getting stuck in the case.                                                                                    



  • AC adapter*5
  • Main suction head
  • Suction pipe
  • Pipe of equipment storage platform
  • Base of equipment storage stand
  • Wall hanging
  • Suction head bristles rotate 90 degrees, small motor suction head
  • Crevice suction head with bristles
  • Multipurpose bristles