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Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine (17/12 kg) PS-170WJ NBL

Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine (17/12 kg) PS-170WJ NBL

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Product specification
  • Washing capacity 17.0 kg
  • Drying capacity 12 kg
  • Spin 1,300 rpm
  • 976x571x1,128 mm


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About the Product

Product Details

You may think using a washing machine is simple but you could be doing it all wrong! Find out the correct way to use a washing machine & laundry detergent here.

Comes with an extra large tub It can wash and spin up to two double duvets at the same time. Washing capacity 17 kg. Spin capacity 12 kg. Powerful dishes. Makes the cloth cleaner Auto lock sensor Prevents harm from use while drying. Air Jet DRY Air Jet Dry fabric dries faster. No worries even in the rain, 1300 rpm spinning power, strong body Made of rust-proof painted steel The base is made of good quality plastic, durable, easy to use, giving you extra time to relax

Product features

  • Extra-large tub
  • Washing capacity 17.0 kg, Drying capacity 12 kg
  • Spin 1,300 rpm
  • Robust, made of high quality materials. The machine is strong. Made of anti-rust steel. The base is made of durable plastic.
  • Powerful Bevelled Washing Machine for increased washing power. Make the cloth more clean.
  • Air Jet Dry Dry No worries, even rain.
  • Installation size (WxDxH): 976x571x1,128 mm

HITACHI Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine PS-170WJ 17 kg.

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