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Double Doors Refrigerator (18 Cubic, Brilliant Silver(BSL)) R-V510PD

Double Doors Refrigerator (18 Cubic, Brilliant Silver(BSL)) R-V510PD

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Product specification
  • Door / Capacity: 2 doors /18 cubic / 510 liters
  • Cooling System: NO FROST TYPE
  • Cold distribution system: DUAL FAN COOLING
  • Deodorizing System: NANO TITANIUM
  • Dimensions (cm): 85.5 W x 176.0 H x 74.0 D
  • Capacity freezer (liter): 145
  • Chilled water capacity (liters): 345
  • Shelf Type: THREE GLASS
  • Defrosting System: Automatic
  • Color: Brilliant Silver (BSL)
  • Fiber Optic 5: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 86



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About the Product

Product Details

Double Fan Cooling System
Allows cold air to enter into the freezer compartment and chill area. A refrigerator with a single fan can not do it. New Dual Fan Cooling System Energy-saving Comes with a temperature sensor in the freezer and freezer compartment. Improves performance.

Compressor Inverter System
Not only does it cool down to maintain coolant levels in the cabinet. It can also control and maintain a low level of cooling as well.

Intelligent dual sensor
Electronic control system operates independently of two points in the freezer and freezer compartment. Can control temperature And maintain a high level of cooling even in temperatures that fluctuate and change frequently.

Energy saving
Efficient cooling control World leaders in the field of energy-saving.

Cool powerful
With outside temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius, Hitachi refrigerators can be cooled down without problems.
* Tested by Hitachi. The temperature outside 60 degrees Celsius without opening - closed refrigerator.

Works regularly at all voltages. Even with unstable voltage range.
* Tested by Hitachi.

Cool longer
Keep refrigerated in the freezer for a long time.
* Tested by Hitachi.

Fresh Select
The special slider adjusts the temperature inside the cavity. Cheese / Meat Cheese Mode Or vegetable gardening as easy as possible.

Large vegetable box With moisturizing system.
Moisture-Guard Panel Top Allow the cold does not affect the vegetables directly. Keeps moisture at the highest level. The vegetables are fresh and long lasting.
* Tested by Hitachi. May vary according to the quantity and type of vegetables.

2 layers of vegetable
Vegetable slicer mode can increase the area to 2 storey to help vegetables and fruits in proportion and volume.

Automatic Ice Making Machine
Fast and easy with automatic ice making system. Just fill the tank.

Swivel Ice Tray
You can move or remove the ice tray as needed. For ease of use and space allocation in the freezer effectively.

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Hitachi R-V510PD

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