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5T Series Top Washing Machine Inverter 17 kg WT5T1715DT

5T Series Top Washing Machine Inverter 17 kg WT5T1715DT

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Product specification
  • WIFI Connecting
  • Tub Cleanning
  • Soft-Close Tempered Glass Memory Function
  • Real control smart fuzzy control panel Double Filter
  • 3DWindmill Impeller

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Capacity 17 kg.
  • Complete functionality Helps to wash clothes easily and efficiently.
  • Double Water Fall system helps remove stubborn stains deeply.
  • Smart Fuzzy Logic Control adjusts the amount of water appropriately for each wash.
  • Bubble Clean helps remove stubborn stains thoroughly.
  • The lid of the tank closes easily, allowing you to clearly see the washed clothes. and can be closed safely
  • Honeycomb design filter cartridge Helps filter dirt effectively
  • Washing the drum helps clean the drum thoroughly.
  • Save water in washing.


  • You should check your shirt and pants pockets. Always search the washing machine for items such as coins, pins, and other things that might harm the washing machine.
  • You should leave the lid of the machine open for a while after putting away the laundry. to expel moisture Prevents fungus.
  • You should not put your hand into the washing machine until it is completely still.
  • Do not pull out the power plug while your hands are wet.
  • Do not wash more than the specified amount of laundry.
  • Please be careful to keep children away from the laundry tub.


Top-loading washing machine from Hisense with a capacity of 17 kilograms is suitable for washing multiple items at a time. Allows you to wash clothes easily and efficiently.


  • The safety glass lid allows you to clearly see the laundry. And it's soft-close, so it closes safely and gently.
  • 2 honeycomb design filter cartridges. Using a honeycomb design filter cartridge increases the surface texture, making filtration more effective. Can filter lint, rags, or other impurities. Excellent in clothes
  • Cleaning the drum thoroughly cleans the dirt hidden in the drum. Keeps your drum clean and leaves your laundry smelling fresh.
  • ConnectLift Wi-Fi connection makes it convenient to operate the washing machine easily.


เครื่องซักผ้าฝาบน 17 KG HISENSE - WT5T1715DT



  • Washing drum size (kg): 17
  • Spinning cycle (rpm): 700
  • Number of top load washing programs: 12
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes TIS 1463-2013 , 1462-2019
  • Set washing time in advance (hours): 24
  • Cloth soaking system: Yes
  • Standby Mode Program: Yes
  • Eliminates/prevents bacteria and fungi: Yes
  • Tank cleaning program: Yes
  • Motor system: DD Inverter
  • Maximum amount of water used (liters): 108
  • Automatic water level adjustment: Yes
  • Smartphone connection: Yes
  • Tank body made of material: Plastic
  • Washing tank made of material: Stainless Steel