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Slide Fan 14 Inch (Green) HT-S14M3

Slide Fan 14 Inch (Green) HT-S14M3

Product specification
  • Wind adjustable to 3 levels
  • Height adjustable to 5 levels
  • Save fiber 5
  • Adjust left-right
  • Automatic shut-off system, thermal fuse
  • Safety standards TIS.934-2558

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About the Product

Product Details


  • 3 levels of wind power adjustable
  • Adjustable height 5 levels from 84.5-104.5 cm.
  • Adjust left-right and stop swaying as needed
  • Enhanced safety with automatic shut-off system, thermal fuse
  • High efficiency motor with sintering metal bearing system
  • Through the production process that has been certified by the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard
  • Received the safety standard TIS.934-2558 from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute Ministry of Industry


  • Do not use your fingers or anything to poke into the fan is strictly prohibited.
  • Always unplug the power plug. before removing, replacing or fan assembly
  • Do not use the fan if it is incomplete or damaged.
  • Do not operate the fan when the unit is wet.
  • Do not touch the fan or live parts while wet hands
  • Do not modify in any way as it may be dangerous.                                                                                                                  

Hatari slide fan, new design, any corner is beautiful, cool and comfortable with energy saving.

Hatari  slide fan, model HT-S14M3, 14-inch propeller size that comes with a modern luxury design that provides strong wind power, cool and refreshing at all times. meet safety standards And there is a energy saving label 5, the wind power can be adjusted to 3 levels, evenly distributing the air. with adjustable height Responds to all applications perfectly. Excellent durability Excellent safety with high efficiency motor

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