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Slide Fan 16 Inch (Mint) HT-S16M7 MINT

Slide Fan 16 Inch (Mint) HT-S16M7 MINT

Product specification
  • Propeller size: 16"
  • Model number: HT-S16M7
  • Control switch: push button
  • No-load speed: 1,113 rpm
  • Working cost :1.30 m?/min/watt
  • Current : 0.22 Amp.
  • Power : 49 watts
  • Voltage : 220V 50Hz
  • Product size : 45.5 x 37.4 x 107.0 cm.
  • Product weight : 4.6 kg.
  • Package size: 25.0 x 72.0 x 48.0 cm.
  • Weight with packaging: 6.10 kg.
  • Save fiber 5 : 5
  • Electricity cost : 568 baht/year
  • Efficiency value : 1.45 (m3/min/watt)

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About the Product

Product Details

This is hot. If you are looking for a good fan. The Hatari HT-S16M7 slide fan 16 inch is the perfect choice for you, with 3-blade blades. Long lifespan, 3 levels of airflow and standard power outlet. Wind power With closed motor Dust Prevention THERMAL FUSE cut off automatically when the motor temperature is too high. Ensure your safety at all times.

Easy to use, can adjust the wind power to 3 levels, providing a thoroughly cool and comfortable wind. Modern design base The height can be adjusted to 5 levels from 87-107 cm. Increased safety with thermal fuse automatic cut-off system.


  • 3 levels of wind power adjustable
  • Adjustable height 5 levels from 87.0-107.0 cm.
  • Adjust left-right and stop swaying as needed
  • Enhanced safety with automatic shut-off system, thermal fuse
  • High efficiency motor with sintering metal bearing system
  • Through the production process that has been certified by the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard
  • Received the safety standard TIS.934-2558 from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute Ministry of Industry
  • Received Energy Saving Standard No. 5 from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.

HATARI Slide Fan (16") HT-S16M7

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