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Cyclone Max Table Fan 8 Inch (Blue) PS8M1
HATARI Cyclone Max Table Fan 8 Inch (Blue) PS8M1
HATARI Cyclone Max Table Fan 8 Inch (Blue) PS8M1

Cyclone Max Table Fan 8 Inch (Blue) PS8M1

Product specification
  • Product Type: Cyclone Fan
  • Propeller size (inches): 8
  • Adjust wind power (level): 3
  • Thermo Fuse system: Yes
  • TIS (Yes/No): Yes 934-2015

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About the Product

Product Details

  • Adjustable fan speed in 3 levels.
  • Thermal fuse system automatically cuts off the power.
  • High efficiency motor
  • Certified by TIS 934-2015 safety standards.
What's in the box
  • Hatari Fan PS8M1


Hatari PS8M1 - High efficiency cyclone fan with bright colors


Relieve heat in the stuffy air With the Hatari cyclone fan, model PS8M1, ready to provide coolness with 8-inch wide blades and 3 levels of fan speed adjustment for you to choose the wind power as needed. Deliver wind power evenly With a high performance motor that provides excellent performance. With a design that you can arrange conveniently. Place the fan on your desk when you need to cool down while working or on your bedside table when you're relaxing. The PS8M1 provides you with the perfect cooling comfort whenever you need it.


Safe to use
Hatari produces fans that meet standards that users can trust in their safety. There is a Thermo Fuse system that will automatically cut off the power. Ready to go through a production process that has been certified and certified to safety standards, TIS 934-2015.
The perfect coolness.
Cyclone fan is designed to be placed on a table without wasting space. With the right size You can place it as a cool companion on your desk. Suitable for providing cooling in close proximity. With bright colors that will add more style to your space.