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Slide Fan 18 Inch (Blue) S18M1

Slide Fan 18 Inch (Blue) S18M1

Product specification
  • Type: Fan
  • Propeller size (inches): 18
  • Adjustable wind power (level): 3
  • ThermoFuse system: Yes
  • Dimension(cm):40.70x52.00x116.50
  • TIS (Yes/No): Yes 934-2015

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About the Product

Product Details


  • 18" adjustable fan
  • Adjustable wind power in 3 levels
  • Adjustable left-right and can stop shaking as needed
  • Safe with an automatic power cut-off system when the motor has a high temperature with a thermal fuse.
  • Received safety standards TIS 934-2015 from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.


  • Do not use the fan with incomplete or damaged parts assembled.
  • Do not modify or use with non-standard equipment.
  • Do not use it for too long. It may cause the motor to burn out.
  • Do not allow small children to approach. or poke with your finger It may be dangerous.
  • Do not place it near high temperatures or open flames.

Experience the efficiency of powerful, cool wind throughout with the slide fan model S18M1 from Hatari

Cool you down efficiently with Hatari model S18M1, a slide fan that comes with quality and beautiful design. Comes with powerful wind power that is ready to provide continuous cooling comfort. Can adjust the wind power level to 3 levels, meeting different usage needs by adjusting the height. and adjust left-right and can stop shaking as needed Peace of mind with safety in use because it supports automatic power cut safety when the motor has a high temperature. Comfort that allows you to use safely

Standard fan
Use effectively with fans that have undergone certified production processes. Including safety standards, TIS.

Design from function
simple design Focus on ease of use Large wind power adjustment switch Height adjustable Ready to adjust left-right and can stop shaking as needed

HATARI Slide Fan 18 Inch S18M1