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Air Cooling Fan 32L (White) AC TURBO 1

Air Cooling Fan 32L (White) AC TURBO 1

Product specification
  • Type: Cooling Fan 32 Liters
  • Propeller size (mm): 330
  • Wind power (level): 3
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Motor Warranty (Year): 3
  • Natural Wind Mode: Yes

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About the Product

Product Details

Hatari Air cooler (32 L) AC TURBO 1 offers extra cool wind powered by water evaporation technology. Equipped with full innovative functionalities to answer all your needs.

Good quality with complete functions
Controlled by touch and remote control Cool instantly with the large CelPad cooling pad made from high-quality wood pulp. Coated with Teflon (Teflon) to reduce the occurrence of mold, limescale, accumulation of dust and dirt, with superior safety with the ELCB system. and has a high-efficiency motor You can be confident in the quality of the product for sure.

Instructions for use

  1. The fan should not be installed in an area subject to extremely high temperatures. or near the stove or wet and in the presence of hydrocarbon vapors such as oil
  2. Never spray any kind of spray into the fan, such as hairspray, cleaning spray.
  3. Do not use fingers, pencils, or other objects. poked into the fan grille while the fan is spinning because it may cause harm
  4. If the wires, motors, and switches are damaged Should send the machine to the service center. or skilled technicians only It should not be corrected by yourself to prevent the danger of electric shock.
  5. Only place the unit vertically. Do not lie down or turn the device upside down. If the machine falls, immediately unplug it. and lift the fan up and use a cloth to check the machine to dry Leave it inside the unit to dry completely and then turn it on. to prevent electric shock

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HATARI Air Cooling Fan AC TURBO 1