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Top Load Washing Machine (12 Kg) HWM120-1701RS

Top Load Washing Machine (12 Kg) HWM120-1701RS

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Product specification
  • Capacity (kg): 12
  • Spin cycle (cycle / minute): 800
  • Washing program (program): 12
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • Motor warranty (year): 12
  • Dimension (cm): 104.50 x 61.00 x 62.00
  • Machine warranty (year): 3
  • Pre-wash time (hrs.): 24


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About the Product

Product Details


Help make your laundry a thing that everyone can do. Top load washing machine HAIER model HWM120-1701RS

Make your laundry a breeze that everyone can do. It is not a problem in use. Along with an intelligent calculation modeThe suitability of the various quantities makes it possible to save in terms of initial usability.In addition, the efficiency of washing is also very efficient. Helps to preserve the fabric to not get old caused by repeated washing. Prevents items from falling into the spin drum during washing. Top load washing machines from Haier Provides the most efficient washing of clothes. More care for clothes And always make clothes look new New body design And designed to be able to contain more laundry in the wash And preserve the fabric more than before With a safety glass top cover, beautiful, durable
Can calculate the amount of water And fabric softener for intelligent washing It is calculated from the amount of cloth that has been put into the drum. Help to save water energy And fabric softener There is a operation panel for the washing machine located on the back of the machine.
The design will be in a European style design. Protection for use to be more secure during use.

Point of view
- Designed for ergonomic use
- Easy to control, convenient to use
- Strong and durable



  • Drum size (kg): 12
  • Spin cycle (cycle / minute): 800
  • Washing program (program): 12
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • Inverter system: No
  • Motor warranty (year): 12
  • Dimension(cm): 104.50 x 61.00 x 62.00
  • Machine warranty (year): 3
  • Pre-wash time (hrs.): 24
  • Special washing system: Yes
  • Economic washing program: Yes
  • Fabric soaking system: Yes
  • Standby Mode program: Yes
  • Eliminate/prevent bacteria and rust: Yes
  • Cancel spin: Yes
  • Tank cleaning program: No
  • Child lock, open the lid: Yes
  • Motor system: Normal Motor
  • Maximum water consumption (liters): 75
  • Automatic water level adjustment: Yes
  • Body made of material: high quality ABS plastic
  • Washing tank made of material: Stainless Steel
  • Total power (watts): 480
  • Others: Self-cleaning Technology has a Smart ball that helps clean the inside. And outside the drum


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