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4 Doors Refrigerator 23.5 Cubic Inverter (Glass Black) HRF-MD679

4 Doors Refrigerator 23.5 Cubic Inverter (Glass Black) HRF-MD679

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Product specification
  • Size(cubic):23.5
  • Capacity (liters): 665
  • Cooling system: Twin Inverter
  • Cooling distribution system: Multi-Zone Air Cooling
  • Defrost system: Yes
  • Odor removal system: Yes
  • Power(Watts):190



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Smart Color Screen: Experience a colorful life at your fingertips.
  • Day Light: Light that is open to the eye.
  • HCS Plus: 2 times longer lasting freshness
  • Fresher Shield: Controls temperature without ice build-up inside.


  • Do not place the refrigerator in a wet location. or places where water or rainwater may splash.
  • Do not use mechanical devices or other methods. Speed up the process Defrost other than as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Be careful not to damage the cooling circuit.
  • Do not use electrical appliances in food storage compartments. The exception is electrical appliances of the type that have been recommended by the manufacturer.


Fresh food, cool evenly, capacity that gives you more and saves more energy with a 4-door refrigerator, size 23.5 cu., HAIER HRF-MD679.

Easy to manage and store things in the refrigerator. And provides enough capacity for a large family with the HAIER model HRF-MD679, a 4-door refrigerator with a size of 23.5 cubic feet that comes with a wide interior space. Divided shelf design allows you to separate different types of items. conveniently Quality shelves that support weight well. Durable and energy efficient, fiber saving standard, 5 modern functions and meets convenience needs. A new innovation that goes well with a beautiful design. Enhance your kitchen's uniqueness with style.

  • Smart Color Screen: Experience a colorful life at your fingertips. Special features of bright colors create fun in every use. Invented to make work easier and more convenient. Including being able to see clearly in dark environments or the light is not enough
  • Day Light: Light that is open to the eye. The light design on the surface of the refrigerator protects your eyesight with soft light. Every time you open the refrigerator, it helps to increase visibility. Convenient to grab food that is hidden in the depths and can be easily accessed. Adding light to the freezer zone also makes it easy to find food even in dark environments.
  • HCS Plus: 2 times longer lasting freshness. The humidity zone is designed to be separated from the dry zone. Designed for storing various types of food, the humidity zone maintains humidity levels up to 90% and the dry zone 45%, which helps keep food fresh for up to two times longer.
  • Fresher Shield: Controls the temperature without frost build-up inside. Fresher will effectively prevent heat from entering the freezer zone without ice build-up inside the refrigerator, allowing food and nutrition to be properly preserved.