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F1 Series Water Heater (3500W) EI35M-F1CWB

F1 Series Water Heater (3500W) EI35M-F1CWB

Product specification
  • Electrical power (watts): 3500
  • Safety system type: ELCB
  • Cut off power within (seconds): 0.1
  • HEATER made from material: Copper
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes TIS.1693-2004
  • Maximum water temperature (degrees): 50
  • How many (levels) can be adjusted?: 3



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Prevent electric leakage
  • Prevent bacteria Prevent bacteria
  • Double copper coil Double copper coil

What's in the box

  • Water heater
  • Shower


HAIER F1 SERIES model EI35M-F1CWB water heater Beautiful design, 3500 watts, with ELCB safety system.

Shock Proof Technology
Technology to create insulation to prevent electrical current between users and the water heater. Adjust from high voltage to lower voltage. Helps you shower safely

Dual Copper Heating Tube
Double copper coils are made of pure copper material. Resistant to scaling and corrosion. Speeds up the heating process and prolongs the life of your water heater.

Thickened Copper Tank
Confident in the quality of the copper boiler that has been pressure tested for 100,000 times, strong and resistant to corrosion.

4D AI Thermostat System
Enjoy comfort and peace of mind by installing a water valve flow sensor, water outlet temperature sensor, intelligent AI CPU, and a highly efficient triac. Makes it possible to control the temperature of the water steadily.

ABT (Ag+ Anti-Bacterial Technology)
Innovation releases Ag+ to help inhibit water-borne bacteria with 99.9% efficiency, allowing you to experience clean and safe water.

Multi-Functional Shower Head
The bar height can be adjusted from 0-330 mm. and has a threaded pipe to prevent the shower hose from getting tangled or knotted. Answer all your bathing needs.

Filtered Flow Control Valve
The water valve is made of ABS material and is easy to rotate and adjust. Can be removed for cleaning and removing dirt. for better water quality