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Satellite TV Box (White) HD MAX II

Satellite TV Box (White) HD MAX II

Product specification
  • Product type:Satellite receiver box
  • Connector:USB
  • Used for: Supporting KU-Band and C-Band dishes.
  • Material used: hard plastic
  • OTA software upgrade via USB



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About the Product

Product Details


  • The new menu is easier to use than before, faster and stronger with the latest software.
  • Comes with sharp images at Full HD 1080P.
  • Automatically update channels. Can be used with C Band and KU Band dishes.
  • Support USB Wi-Fi, watch online TV and online video.

What is in the box

  • Satellite receiver box model HD MAX II
  • Adapter
  • Audio and video cable
  • Smart remote
  • User manual

GMM Z Satellite TV Box (White) HD MAX II New menu (New UI), easier to use than before, new design, large box, good heat dissipation.

Fast and powerful with the latest software, more stable. Clear picture at Full HD 1080P OTA has an LED screen showing channel numbers. Supports all types of dishes, both C Band and KU Band. OTA updates channels automatically. The old channels do not disappear, new channels are added automatically. Supports playing multimedia files through the USB channel. Supports USB Wi-Fi, watching online TV and online videos. Keypad on the front of the machine Supports a variety of uses, simple and convenient.