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Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) f?nix? 7X Pro

Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) f?nix? 7X Pro

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Product specification
  • Product Type: Fenix 7X Pro SaphSol CrbnGry
  • Special Features: Hill Score feature running
  • Special Features:LED flashlight
  • Special Features: Endurance Score feature Battery 14 days in smartwatch
  • Special Features: wellness monitoring endurance during ascents

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Stunning AMOLED display
  • Up to 16 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Advanced training metrics and recovery insights
  • Health and wellness features
  • SATIQ? TECHNOLOGY AND MULTI-BAND GPS                                                                                                                      


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Garmin Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) f?nix? 7X Pro

Beat every hour with advanced training features. 24/7 health and wellness checks and up to one month of battery life with Power Sapphire? 1 solar-charging lenses and a durable watch case designed for smaller wrists.

Up to 14 days in smartwatch mode with solar charging in 3 hours of direct sunlight (50,000 lux) per day, and up to 46 hours in GPS mode with solar charging. (Assumes continuous use over time in 50,000 lux conditions.) The adjustable light intensity and red warning light give you greater awareness while you train in the dark. And it can provide convenient lighting when you need it. Strobe mode can match the pace of your run. The rugged design features a 1.2-inch scratch-resistant sapphire solar charging screen. traditional button and a 42mm fiber-reinforced polymer case with steel or titanium bezel and back cover. The watch has been tested to US military standards. in terms of heat, shock, and water resistance.

Measures your ability to run uphill and assesses your progress over time based on your VO2 max and training history. It measures your stamina on steep ascents and your endurance on long ascents and gives you a score based on your performance over time. Improve your ability to sustain long effort and combine training data from all your sporting activities. To help you understand how training affects your overall endurance. This dynamic metric uses your VO2 max, short/long training volume, and your VO2 max. and other factors To measure your fitness progress beyond your VO2 max, your health and training data should be easy to interpret and provide actionable insights. Start each day with a customizable morning report. and view daily summaries of health and wellness. Versatile to help you maximize your training burnout.