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Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) Descent Mk3i

Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) Descent Mk3i

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Product specification
  • Product type: Descent Mk3i 51 mm
  • Color: Carbon Gray
  • Fiber reinforced polymer with cover
  • Titanium back
  • Diving computer for multisport training
  • Can dive to a depth of 200 meters.




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About the Product

Product Details


  • SUBWAVE Sonar Diver Messaging
  • Battery life up to 66 hours in dive mode.
  • Choose from several dive modes.
  • DIVEVIEW™ color map with depth contours and dive locations. (Only some maps of Europe and America are supported)
  • Use the dive readiness tool to be notified of your readiness.
  • Built-in LED flashlight for use both in water and on land.

What is in the box

  • Descent Mk3i – 51 mm
  • Longer watch strap and can adjust the length
  • Charging/data transmission cable (USB-C)
  • User manual

Garmin Smart Watch (51mm., Carbon Gray Case, Black Band) Descent Mk3i – 51 mm Features SubWave™ sonar communications and diver monitoring. Dive computer available air-integrated And this advanced smartwatch features Garmin innovations to help prepare you for the best diving experience. Includes smart features and multisport training for an active life outside the water.

Air integration

Pair with a Descent T2 transceiver (sold separately) for pressure monitoring in up to 8 tanks via the SubWave sonar data network.

Creating a SUBWAVE sonar network

Exchange preset diver-to-diver messages up to 30 meters away, as well as monitor tank pressure, depth and distance for up to 8 divers within 10 meters.

Dive mode

There are several dive modes including single-gas, multi-gas (including nitrox and trimix), gauge, breath hold diving. Diving and shooting fish and closed-circuit diving

Tools to help prepare for diving

Garmin's first technology helps you understand how lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, stress and jet lag can affect your body. To help you determine when you are best ready to dive


A color wrist-based map that outlines the underwater depth and more than 4,000 dive sites to help you discover new places to dive and orient yourself. (Only some maps of Europe and America are supported)

Diving-focused design

Allows you to dive deeper. With a bright 1.4''' AMOLED color display, sapphire lens, 200 meter dive rated case and leak proof metal magnetic buttons.