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Newport 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (30W,Black/Gold)

Newport 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (30W,Black/Gold)

Product specification
  • Product Type:Fender Newport 2
  • Color: BLACK/GOLD
  • Materials: Plastics Aluminum
  • Bluetooth V. 5
  • Driver: 30W
  • Dimension(cm):13.30 x 18.40 x 7.50
  • Battery Lifetime 12 hrs.
  • AC Adapter,3.5mm Audio Cable , USB Charging Cable

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About the Product

Product Details


  • The bass comes out tight.
  • You can adjust the sound as needed.
  • Two Newport 2 can be paired simultaneously.
  • Connect to wireless devices with Bluetooth 5.0


  • Do not clean with abrasive chemicals.
  • Do not misuse.
  • Be careful when transporting to prevent possible damage.
  • The device should not be placed in a place with high heat. or damp

Fender Newport 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Comes with tight bass and good quality sound Play music in a variety of genres with a reverb button that allows us to adjust the sound according to our needs. Adjust the treble, bass, any song that needs heavy bass. It can be adjusted as you like. about the loudness Dont worry, Fender has already provided it. Although the size is small, but the sound that comes out is better than expected, the sound is clear, very clear, and the sound comes out on the front of the machine. Should face the direction you want to make a sound. Connectivity: Connecting to wireless devices is quick and easy thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

Comes with new features
that can pair 2 Newport 2 at the same time by pressing the Duo button that can Pair to connect to another Newport 2 at the same time The basic mode is Party mode, where we can to be placed in a separate corner of the room to make noise Add more power to the sound. Make partying easy.

suitable for everyone
Easy to control, beautiful, classic shape. The ability that is packed beyond the body until overflowing. Complete connectivity, both wired and wireless Believe that if you are a fan of the brand, it will help make the decision easier.

FENDER Newport 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (30W,Black/Gold)