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Cartridge (Black) S T664100

Product specification
  • INK EPSON T664100 BK
  • Black ink
  • Model T664100
  • Used with the INKJET EPSONL100 / 200/110/210/300/350/355.
  • 2,000 prints
  • 5% printing on A4 paper
  • Print out 4,000 pages? : 30 day warranty and no more than 30% of cartridges.

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About the Product

Product Details

This ink cartridge from Epson S-T664100 is a good quality ink. Compatible with many Epson printers, such as the INKJET EPSON L100 / 200/110/210/300/350/355. This cartridge can print a lot of work without having to change it often, with a 5% print volume on A4 size paper, printing up to 4000 pages of documents.

Product Specification 

  • Product type: INK EPSON T664100 BK
  • Color: Black ink
  • Model T664100
  • Use with Inkjet EPSON L100 / 200/110, EPSON 210/300/350/355.
  • Number of prints 2,000 sheets
  • 5% printing volume on A4 size paper Print up to 4,000 documents
  • 30 days warranty and the weight is not less than 30% of the cartridge.

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