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Refine 600 Steam Generator (2400 W) E6SS1-40PP

Refine 600 Steam Generator (2400 W) E6SS1-40PP

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Product specification
  • Electrical power (watts): 2400
  • Steam power (grams/minute): 300
  • Water tank capacity (liters): 1.2
  • Resilium soleplate
  • Vertical iron: Yes
  • 3 ironing programs

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Ironing programs suitable for all types of fabric.
  • Iron quickly and professionally.
  • Resilium soleplate for smooth, consistent ironing.

What's in the box

  • Electrolux steam pressure iron model Refine 600
  • Ironing Board


Electrolux Refine 600 steam pressure iron for smooth, fast, professional ironing.

The Electrolux steam generator iron Refine 600 takes only 60 seconds to heat up. So you can prepare a beautiful outfit ready to wear in no time. Save time and get neat ironing results like a professional. Experience an ironing experience that combines steam, heat, and pressure. With Resilium iron surface to prevent scratches. and a steam function that releases powerful steam as needed With powerful steam, it helps loosen creases in hard-to-reach places. The iron's ultra-powerful steam helps you smooth out even the toughest creases with ease.

Gentle fabric care program
Program designed by combining steam and heat levels. Just choose an ironing program that is appropriate for each type of fabric. No need to worry about ironing and taking care of delicate clothes.
Three-step cleaning function
Water hardness adjuster and FlushClean function that releases soft, clean steam. Helps extend the life of the iron. With a notification system when it's due to change equipment.