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Microwave (2400W, 30L, Black) EMC30D22BM

Microwave (2400W, 30L, Black) EMC30D22BM

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Product specification
  • Capacity (liters):30
  • Power (W):2400
  • Function: keep warm, grill
  • Cooking programs (programs): 32
  • Timer (minutes): 60
  • Auto Defrost Program: Yes
  • Dimensions (cm.) 32.70 H x 52.00 W x 52.00 D
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (kg): 19.8

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Convection function for grilling or baking
  • CombiGrill combination program Grilling and Microwaves
  • Warm up delicious food                                                                                                       


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ELECTROLUX Microwave, model EMC30D22BM, energy-saving inverter technology. Consistent heat Convection function allows you to bake and grill delicious AirFry fry food without oil.

Many used Microwave ovens. Comes with complete functions including mixing, grilling, reheating and convection, and 23 automatic cooking programs, adding more convenience to your cooking.

In addition to heating food to heat up quickly. You can still heat up delicious food with the CombiGrill program that adjusts the microwave baking time and grilling properly. to make the food cooked Get the taste and texture you want.

Preserve the original taste and texture of food that is heated. Forget about reheating soft and soggy food in the microwave. With a grill function that can heat food to be hot and crispy, delicious Whether its fried chicken, chicken wings and french fries.

Whether its cooking healthy dishes like vegetables or fresh fish, 10 automatic cooking programs allow you to precisely control the time and power of every dish.

Functional microwave ovens go one step further. warm function included Grill a whole chicken for delicious crispy skin, or bake muffins, breads and cakes together.

With a menu that is easy to use, controlled by a touch system. Both preset cooking times and precise power in a variety of cooking methods. including defrosting frozen food.        

Keeping little members safe With a lock function to prevent pressing play.