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Air Purifier (4-30 sqm, Green) EP31-15GRA

Air Purifier (4-30 sqm, Green) EP31-15GRA

Product specification
  • For the room size (sq.m.):4-30
  • CADR Clean Air Transmission Rate (CFM): Greater than or equal to 8.24
  • Air purification system:4 Filtration stage (Pre-filter, antibacterial coating, E11 filter, Ionizer)
  • Filter type:E11 Filter
  • Purification efficiency at (%):>99
  • Silence level at:43dB
  • Dimensions (cm.) 20.00 H x 11.60 W x 10.60 D
  • Automatic steam system: no
  • Weight (kg): 0.54
  • Others: Rotary switch with LED light indicating the fan speed level. 3 fan speeds, beige leather strap, easy to hang, voltage 5V, frequency 50/60 Hz, 4 stages of filtration (Pre-filter, antibacterial coating, E11 filter, Ionizer)
  • Sound pressure 43dB (at speed: lv1=24dB, lv2=36dB, lv3=43dB)
  • Rotary switch with LED light indicates fan speed, 3 fan speeds.
  • Accessories: Type C charging cable, beige leather strap, easy to hang, durable with direct current (DC) motor.

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Reduce bacteria 99.9%* and virus H1N1**
  • Clean air without bacteria with IonActive
  • Keeps the atmosphere fresh and fragrant                                                    


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ELECTROLUX Portable Air Purifier Model EP31-15GRA reduces bacteria 99.9%* and H1N1 virus. Clean air without bacteria with IonActive keeps the atmosphere fresh and fragrant.

The UltimateHome 300 portable air purifier gives you clean and fresh air. With a 4-stage filtration system, PureProtect reduces 99.9%* of harmful bacteria and reduces the H1N1 virus** for clean, healthy air everywhere. Reduces 93% of the Coronavirus or HCoV-229E***. The filter includes an antibacterial PET filter, a Care Ultimate filter and an ionizer so you can be confident with every breath. to the cleanliness and freshness of the air around

Feel the clean and fresh air around you. With IonActive technology that reduces bacteria by releasing 2 million negative ions per square centimeter Gives you energy to work fresh. and brighten up when you rest.

Just drop your favorite perfume or essential oil into the fragrance compartment. The fragrance spreads throughout the atmosphere for even more pleasure.

Nanshan air purifier, Scandinavian design, lightweight, minimal design. Convenient to use with a leather strap that helps to set the device up and carry when carrying.

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