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Air Conditioning (9598 BTU, Inverter) ESV09CRR-B4

Air Conditioning (9598 BTU, Inverter) ESV09CRR-B4

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Product specification
  • Size(BTU listed on energy saving label):9598
  • For room size (sq m): 15
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Specify BTU range:9598
  • Energy Saving Label No.5: Yes
  • SEER energy saving efficiency:16.06

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About the Product

Product Details

ELECTROLUX The most advanced technology. Ready to give you coolness

Feel the cool and pure air with the ELECTROLUX ESV15CRR-B4, which has been invented and designed with modern technology. So that every family gets the maximum cooling efficiency Widely and widely distributed wind force Cools every corner quickly So you always feel comfortable In addition to the powerful wind force You can still feel the clean air. Breathe comfortably. Make your every day a relaxing day whether you sleep or wake up

  • Energy saving efficiency 5
  • Providing coolness faster and more economical with R32
  • Digital display screen
  • High definition HD filter to trap dust And small dirt
  • I-Clean automatic cleaning
  • I-Favor Convenient to save favorite functions
  • I-Feel provides the coolness you need to follow you everywhere.
  • X-Fan expels moisture automatically after the machine stops working.
  • Sleep Mode Energy Saving System
  • BlueTech coating on the inside and outside of the machine
  • Automatically display error codes on the screen.
  • Remote control with lights Convenient to use

More friendly to the world
Electrolux's new inverter air conditioner system, inside and outside the machine Providing quicker and more economical cooling, working with a R32 refrigerant without damaging ozone. Reduces global warming by 68% compared to R410A refrigerants

Breathe fresher air than ever
No need to worry about dirt and mold when turning off air conditioning. I-Clean helps eliminate bacteria to prevent mold formation. Reducing the need to call a cleaning technician

Continuous cold
The remote control sensor from the I-Feel system will detect the temperature where you are. And adjust the temperature of your air conditioner continuously For the temperature that is most suitable for you Just bring the remote control near to you to be cool all the time and feel the clean air.


  • Size (BTU): 9598
  • For room size (sqm): 15
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • BTU Range: 9598
  • Save energy 5: Yes
  • Dimension(cm):20.00 H x 75.00 W x 28.50 D
  • SEER: 16.06
  • Temperature regulation while sleeping: Yes
  • Humidity control system: Yes
  • Cooling system: Yes
  • ECO MODE: Yes
  • Swing up and down system: Yes
  • Left-right swing system: Yes
  • GoldTech coating on the inside and outside of the machine Provides faster and more economical cooling with R32 refrigerant. Digital display screen. Control work with WiFi, 3D Airflow to distribute coolness evenly. 7-step air purification innovation eliminates 99% of bacteria. Active Plasma produces Cold Plasma to eliminate bacteria and viruses. I Clean automatically cleans the machine.