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Induction Cooker (2,000W) ETD29KC

Induction Cooker (2,000W) ETD29KC

Product specification
  • Type: Induction Cooker
  • Number of heads: 1
  • Power Supply (Watts): 2000
  • Stove is made of: ceramic black glass.
  • Dimension (cm):28 W x 6.2 H x 37 D

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About the Product

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Your cooking will not be a hassle anymore with the Electrolux ETD29KC induction cooker. Compact, stylish, durable and robust, it has a simple operation function. It is not very convenient to cook fried stir-fried, it can be done quickly to save energy. And high security. Meet the lifestyle of the new generation is perfect. And with famous brands such as Electrolux, the worlds largest manufacturer of electrical appliances. You can ensure the quality of the product certainly.

A reliable hob is key to cooking. Electrolux cooking stove meets the standards of use in Europe.
Control the heat precisely Easy to clean Can cover all menus for everyone in the family and here are some tips for choosing the Electrolux cooking stove that is right for you.

Our induction cooker uses energy from the magnetic field to transfer heat directly to the bottom of the container. Causing the surrounding area of the stove to not heat Safe to use And can also use containers of all sizes without having to worry about not being thoroughly heated Unlike gas and electric stoves, the size of the pot can affect the level of thorough cooking of the food.

The induction cooker is easy to clean. To heat quickly Cook food quickly Adjust the heat level with a slider that is precisely controlled. And for these reasons, world-class professional chefs who cook a variety of dishes such as Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean food choose our induction cooker.

Easy to clean
From the flat and non-heated contact surface of Electroluxs induction cooker. The sixth food therefore does not stick to the stove or burns. Therefore can be cleaned in a clean and safe manner

easy to use
No need to guess which pot to use. If the magnet is attached to the bottom of the pan, it can be used.

Child lock button
Child lock button function prevents the setting from changing. For more peace of mind when children are in the area

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