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Water Heater (3800W) EWE381MX1DST2

Water Heater (3800W) EWE381MX1DST2

Product specification
  • Electric Power (Watts): 3800
  • Safety system: ELCB
  • Cut off the power within: 0.01 seconds
  • Heaters: Single Point Installation System
  • Boiler model (if have): Electric
  • HEATER made from material: Copper Tank
  • 9.00 x 22.00 x 40.10
  • Temperature control system: Double cut-off system (Double Thermostat) in case the temperature exceeds 55 and 90 degrees celsius
  • The maximum water temperature (degrees): 90
  • Maximum connection (points): 1
  • Installation: Vertical
  • Power adjustment: no
  • Shower (level): 5
  • Slide bar: Yes
  • Heater Warranty (Year): 5
  • Others: Tank leak, 10 year warranty.

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About the Product

Product Details

The Electrolux ComfortFlow ? 800 Series water heater comes with a large copper water tank. Preset water temperature Eliminate excess heat Prevents the temperature of the water from overheating with Dynamic Power Control to control the temperature precisely even when the water supply is uneven. Rest assured that you and your family will relax with a shower every day.

Maintaining constant water temperature *
ComfortFlow ? Large nylon water tank Preset water temperature Eliminate excess heat

Maintaining the set temperature precisely
Dynamic Power Control to control the temperature precisely even when the tap water is uneven.

Shower with peace of mind
SafeReady? safety inspection system before every use

Help you save water Show amount of water used per time

Be confident in safety
16-step security system for you and your family to relax and take a shower everyday.

Touch screen
Intelligent touch screen Display necessary information such as temperature and water consumption

Electrolux Water Heater (3800 W) EWE381MX1DST2

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