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Double Doors Refrigerator (14.8 Cublc, Arctic Siver) EBE4500B-A RTH

Double Doors Refrigerator (14.8 Cublc, Arctic Siver) EBE4500B-A RTH

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Product specification
  • Size (queue): 14.8
  • Volume capacity (liters): 421
  • Cooling system: MULTI AIR FLOW
  • Dimension (cm): 172.50 x 79.60 x 72.30
  • Cold Distribution System: 360 COOLING surround
  • Defrosting system: AUTO


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About the Product

Product Details

Electrolux 2-door refrigerator, model EBE4500B-A RTH, a freezer is below the model NutriFresh® inverter system, capacity 421 liters

Inside the TasteLock Crisper, keeping moisture to fit The food that is stored in this compartment is kept fresh for up to seven days. And with NutriPlus ™ filters that also help maintain nutrients and retain the freshness of the foods texture for longer.

Maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 7 days.
TasteLock Crisper channels with NutriPlus ™ filters help maintain moisture and keep the air out. Maintain nutrients for the longerMaintain freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to seven days.

Freeze your favorite taste 
With a 125-liter freezer space and a 3-layer drawer freezer, you can soak your favorite food in large quantities perfectly.

Keeping the temperature stable for a better food taste.
360 Cooling causes cooling circulation throughout the entire refrigerator. Can keep the temperature inside the refrigerator constantThus maintaining the freshness of food more

Your fridge The way you want 
The chilled area on the door can be adjusted to use as desired. Collect all kinds of goods according to your size. Whether small or large And easy to take and remove from the refrigerator

For a cleaner and more hygienic refrigerator,
TasteGuard removes up to 99.8% of bacteria in your refrigerator. Thus ensuring that the refrigerator has fresh air, hygienic and unpleasant odor

Shop quality products that you trust. With your favorite price Products have been issued to be standard, durable, worthwhile to use. You can buy products according to your favorite lifestyle. And suitable for a variety of needs at the right price at  Powerbuy

Electrolux EBE4500B-A RTH