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Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer (1600W, Ceramic Patina/Topaz) HD16

Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer (1600W, Ceramic Patina/Topaz) HD16

Product specification
  • Electrical power (watts): 1600
  • Adjustable wind power (level): 3
  • Adjustable heat (level): 4
  • Can blow cold air: Yes
  • Local blowing head: Yes
  • Automatic power cut-off system: Yes

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About the Product

Product Details

  • Auto-adapts to enhance natural shine and protect scalp health.
  • Fast, intelligent drying. No heat damage.
  • Learns your go-to styling preferences.
  • Five Intelligent attachments.


  • Do not store or use near heat, flames, or wet areas.
  • Turn off the machine after every use and before cleaning.
  • Do not modify or use with non-standard equipment.
  • Do not throw or knock. Because it may damage the product.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children or pets.


Dyson Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer (Ceramic Patina/Topaz)


Hair is dry and beautiful with the Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer. It helps hair dry quickly and beautifully without being dry and frizzy. Comes with many different nozzles for easy use. Whether it's short hair, straight hair, curly hair, it can be beautiful in your own way.


Dome mode

Infuses hair to enhance natural waves or curls, for a more defined finish.

Diffuse mode

Adds volume for textured natural curls and coils.


Wave+Curl diffuser

New format diffuser disperses airflow in two different ways, with less frizz. Simply remove the prong bed to activate Dome mode, or replace for traditional Diffuse mode, depending on your preferred style and hair type.


Scalp protect button

  • Capsule illumination will deactivate if Scalp protect mode is turned off when compatible attachments are connected to the machine.
Instant control
  • 82°F cold shot – to set your hair after styling

3 precise airflow settings

  • High – for fast drying and styling
  • Medium – gentle, for regular drying
  • Low – mild, for diffusing

4 precise heat settings

  • 212°F – for fast drying and styling
  • 176°F – for regular drying
  • 140°F – for gentle drying and diffusing
  • 82°F – constant cool to set your style