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Hair Dryer (1,600 W, White/Silver) Supersonic HD01

Hair Dryer (1,600 W, White/Silver) Supersonic HD01

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Product specification
  • Power(Watts):1600
  • Cable length(meters):2.7
  • Others: V9 motor air drive technology
  • The air outlet mouth is fixed with a magnet.
  • Can be rotated to adjust the wind direction.
  • 24.50 x 7.80 x 9.70
  • Thermistor prevents overheating of air.

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About the Product

Product Details

Hair dryer 1600W DYSON HD01 S.SONIC IR/FUK

Dries quickly, no high heat. Designed for different types of hair. There are four types of magnetic connectors: gentle air suction head Smooth-adjusting blow head New design styling head New diffuser design Smart heat control protects your shine. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is different from other products. It measures the air temperature more than 40 times per second. and control heat To prevent damage from extreme heat and help protect your hair and keep it shiny.
4 precise heat settings 100°C for fast drying and styling 80°C for regular drying 60°C for gentle drying 28°C for constant cooling
Negative ions help reduce static electricity.



Beautiful, shiny hair with the Dyson hair dryer, model Supersonic HD01.

Dyson Supersonic™ will make your hair soft, smooth, beautifully styled, and help protect your hair to make it beautiful and naturally shiny. The air temperature is measured 20 times each second. and keep the temperature in control

Blow dry hair quickly
You shouldn't be blowing your hair all the time. For fast drying You will need to control the blowing at a high speed.

Tweak for balance
We improved the blow head. And the motor was placed on the handlebar to create a new weight balance. and the shape of the hair dryer

3 precise air speed levels, dryer head to smooth hair.
Blow dry and style at the same time. Blow head to smooth hair It gently blows hair using a broad spectrum of gentle air.

Precise air blowing in the area you want
With the blow head used for styling hair You can customize your hairstyle to specific areas in one go. Without worrying that it will affect other parts of your hair.

Easy to clean
Just turn and take off. to clean the filter

Intelligent heat control for shiny hair. Powerful digital motor



The Dyson digital motor
Dyson digital motor Installed in the position near the handle. Spins 6 times faster than other hair dryer motors with a frequency that is inaudible. But it's just light weight. One third of the weight of a hair dryer1. Thirteen motor blades inside the machine Produces voltage up to 3.5kPa, pressure 13 liters of air per second.

An intelligent microprocessor quickly processes commands and adjusts the settings of the two-layer heating unit.

damaged hair shine It will cause my hair to have no shine.
When I am exposed to a wide range of temperatures The hair will have pores. When light hits the said pores It will be spread out in every direction. This will reduce the reflection of the hair. My radiance will decrease.

undamaged hair It will reflect light better. and has a radiance
Use a smart heating control system. to maintain a constant maximum temperature level This helps prevent hair damage due to excessive heat. Reducing damage to damaged hair Makes hair reflect light in one direction and makes hair look shiny

Installation of vibration reducing equipment
The installed rubber prevents motor vibration at the handle area. Reduces noise generated by the motor and enclosure.


Product features

Power (watts) : 1,600
Cable length (meters) : 2.7
Warranty (year) : 2
Air motor drive technology V9 air outlet mouth is fixed with a magnet, can be rotated to adjust the wind direction, thermistor prevents the air from overheating.