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Air Purifier (27 Sq.m.) EC TP10 Wh/Wh
DYSON Air Purifier (27 Sq.m.) EC TP10 Wh/Wh
DYSON Air Purifier (27 Sq.m.) EC TP10 Wh/Wh

Air Purifier (27 Sq.m.) EC TP10 Wh/Wh

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Product specification
  • For room size (sq m): 27
  • Air purification system: HEPA filter H13
  • Filter type:HEPA H13
  • Purification efficiency(%):99.95
  • Loudness level(DB)(A):57.8-61.4
  • Size(cm):105.00 H x 22.00 W x 22.00 D
  • Weight(kg):4.73
  • TIS:N 29052-1996/934

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Automatically recognize and report
  • Traps gases and small particles
  • Completely sealed filtration system
  • Whole room filtration system                                                                                     

Whats in the box

  • Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 TP10 (White)
  • 360 Combi Glass HEPA + Carbon air purifier filter
  • Remote Control                                                                                         

Floor-standing air purifier 27Sq.m., Dyson - EC TP10 Wh/Wh.

Eliminates air pollution
: HEPA filtration and activated carbon remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Purifies the entire room.
Air Multiplier technology creates circulation to purify the air throughout the room.

Keep you cool in summer.
A powerful stream of fresh air keeps you cool during warm weather.

Night Mode
works quietly to monitor and clean your room while you sleep.

350° Oscillation
Adjustable vibration purifies the air throughout the room.

Easy-to-use remote
A neatly stored remote lets you quickly change settings.

Dyson air purifier