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Air Purifier (41 sqm, White) MC55ZV1S

Air Purifier (41 sqm, White) MC55ZV1S

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Product specification
  • For room size (sq m): 41
  • Air purification system: Air purification system inside the machine Streamer/air purification system outside the machine Active Plasma Ion
  • Filter type: High-efficiency electrostatic dust filter (TAFU-HEPA Filter)
  • Purification efficiency(%):99.97
  • Silence level(cubic meter/minute):1.1/2.0/3.2/5.5
  • Odor Filter (Carbon Filter)
  • remote control
  • Automatic steam generation system: No

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Streamer Technology (air purification system inside the machine)
  • Active Plasma Ion (releases negative ions to inhibit germs in the room)
  • Electrostatic HEPA Fiter (electrostatic dust filter)
  • Carbon Filter (odor filter)
  • PM2.5 / Dust / Odor Sensor (PM2.5 dust sensor, large dust, odor)
  • Fcono Mode (power saving mode)
  • Anti-Pollen Mode
  • Surge Protection 180 -264V (Surge Protection System 180-264V)
  • Do not use the unit for a long time in an area with unstable voltage.
  • do not touch the device and wires while wet
  • Do not modify or use in conjunction with non-standard equipment.
  • Turn off and unplug the air filter before moving it.
  • Do not install near areas with high heat and humidity.


Air Purifier Daikin MC55ZV1S

Daikin Air Purifier MC55ZV1S purifies the air both inside and outside the machine. With Active Plasma Ion release technology, which has a high ion concentration of 25,000 ions per cubic centimeter. And purify the air inside the machine with the Streamer, inhibiting viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odors, with an electrostatic HEPA filter, inhibiting small dust particles. Covers an area of 41 square meters.


Active plasma ion

Active plasma ion It releases negative ions outside the machine to react with the air to form OH Radical, which has the ability to bind and easily digest proteins of dirt scattered in the air. to stop germs Can inhibit fungus Allergens, odors, bacteria and moisture can be added.

Electrostatic dust filter

Captures 99.97% of 0.3 micron dust with an Electrostatic HEPA Filter. The Electrostatic HEPA Filter uses the principle of electrostatics to vacuum dust to adhere to the fibers. This reduces clogging of the filter. Helps extend the life of the filter even longer.


Streamer technology

Streamer is the discharge of a plasma charge with high-speed electrons. Can inhibit viruses, bacteria, fungi, and dangerous chemicals. and allergens The power to inhibit various pollution is equivalent to heat as high as 100,000 C (comparing the ability to inhibit particle pollution In actual use, the temperature will be normal)



Odor filter

Carbon deodorizing filter Can stop unwanted odors It has a streamer to help remove odors and dirt on the deodorizing filter.

Power saving mode

Energy-saving mode that saves energy by working Between the “Quiet” and “Low” fan settings are modes that use less energy and noise in operation. Recommended for use during sleep.

Pollen protection mode

Pollen protection mode By creating wind by adjusting the fan speed. Pollen is trapped by air filters.

Sensor measures PM2.5 dust, large dust, odor

High resolution dust sensor Can distinguish between dust larger and smaller than PM2.5 with an odor detection sensor. Automatically purifies the air to remove dirt when in Auto mode.