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Case for iPhone 14 Pro (White) KXBI14PRO MIYA

Case for iPhone 14 Pro (White) KXBI14PRO MIYA

Product specification
  • Product type: Case for iPhone 14 Pro, KINGXBAR brand, model MIYA (White)
  • Color: white
  • For wearing: Transparent shockproof case for iPhone 14 PRO
  • Material used: Transparent soft TPU frame with imported hard PC back Prevent yellowing, fingerprints and scratches.
  • Light luxury with a modern and trendy design.
  • Raised the edge of the camera 1mm for extra protection.
  • Dimensions (cm.) 15.00 H x 7.50 W x 1.00 D
  • The 4 inner corners of the airbag structure provide 360-degree all-round protection.
  • Using antibacterial technology, the rate is as high as 99%.

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About the Product

Product Details

Kingxbar Case for iPhone 14 Pro (White) KXBI14PRO MIYA

Key Highlight

  • Beautiful design Luxury
  • strong defense
  • Antibacterial surface without stains
  • Raised edges around the camera provide excellent lens protection.


  • For iPhone 14 Pro only.
  • Do not place the case near a heat source.
  • When removing or inserting the phone, be careful not to drop it.
  • Do not clean with abrasive chemicals.

Colorful cases with geometric patterns will be loved by those who love shiny and eye-catching accessories. There is a convex design on the side of the case for better grip. and to protect the lens around the edge including the camera body The case was then lifted. Let the cover fit your iPhone 14 Pro.

The case can perfectly protect the phone from damage from falls or scratches. While wearing the case, buttons can be pressed smoothly, not resisting the hand. Perfect for those who value style, quality and want to take care of their gear, the Kingxbar case combines two benefits in one. including beauty and strong protection for your phone.