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Ceiling Air Conditioner Discovery Series 24200 BTU 42TGF0241CP + Remote CARR-ACX33CE

Ceiling Air Conditioner Discovery Series 24200 BTU 42TGF0241CP + Remote CARR-ACX33CE

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Product specification
  • Size (BTU): 24200
  • INVERTER system: No
  • SEER energy saving efficiency: 12.86
  • Sleep temperature control: Yes
  • Size (cm): 127.00 W x 23.50 H x 69.00 D
  • Humidity Control System: Yes
  • Cooling System: Yes
  • ECO MODE: No
  • Auto Restart: Yes
  • Set the off/on time (hours): 24
  • Up and down swing system: Yes
  • Left-right swing system: No

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About the Product

Product Details

Ceiling Air Conditioner Carrier Discovery Series 24200 BTU model 42TGF0241CP + Wireless Remote CARR-ACX33CE

How hot will it be outside? But in the house must be cool first Let the air conditioner hang under the ceiling Carrier Discovery Series to help cool your home. Ready to work quietly, the lowest noise level is 32 decibels, along with the operation with the POWERFUL COOLING system that can spread the air far and wide, and also has INNOVATIVE HEALTH PROTECTION, the evaporator coil coated with Aqua Resin coil cleaning agent to reduce accumulation. of dust, bacteria and mold, making the air in your home cleaner than ever.

Strength, Intelligence
Powerful, energy-efficient, and noise-eliminating. Discovery ceiling-mounted air conditioners allow you to save energy and provide maximum cooling in every square inch of space for the best results and meet the needs of use perfectly, no matter where the space is Carrier care.

Precious Craftsmanship
Live a life that is right and full of energy to make you feel special and relaxed. You don't have to worry about the fuss that hinders your ideas and thought processes with cost-effective air conditioners that provide maximum cooling energy and energy savings with classic characters that are always popular and trusted

Perfect Comfort
Real freedom of relaxation If you are fascinated by a cool, refreshing space. and responds to all uses Discovery ceiling-mounted air conditioner will not disappoint you and will be part of your everyday inspiration to make you feel special and relaxed. Durable, suitable for all uses.