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Portable Electric Massager (Grey) iSeeM

Portable Electric Massager (Grey) iSeeM

Product specification
  • Color: gray
  • For : eyes
  • 1150mAh capacity lithium battery
  • Work control via Application both Android and iOS.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Foldable

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About the Product

Product Details

Breo iSeeM, an eye massager for health

iSeeM Healthy Eye Massager This new star from Breo has been well received by users of the iSee family, helping to brighten your eyes. With the best portability ISee M Healthy Eye Massager allows you to customize your massage experience with your personal preferences. 3 modes can be set according to your choice: frequency, strength, massage And the temperature of the warm compress can set the time and choose your personal favorite playlist from your own mobile phone.

Protect your eyes With modern technology
The science of reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with modern technology with modern innovations from iSeem for your eyes especially. Intelligent pressure technology Adjust the pressure as you like and squeeze it with suitable heat. With a warm compress massage system Helps to relax the muscles around the eyes Relieve eye strain

Control work through a mobile application
You can control the massage independently through the APP to relax as you like. Ready to enjoy your favorite music on your smartphone.

Comes with 4 functions

  • Mode 1 MED pressure massage + warm compress Reflexology around the eyes
  • Mode 2 Hard, advanced pressure massage Reduce eye fatigue
  • Mode 3 Soft warm compress stimulates blood circulation around the eyes.
  • Mode 4 DIY function control and choose your favorite music as you like through application.

BREO Portable Electric Massager (Grey) ISEEM

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