251 Environmental Speaker (100W, Black)

Product specification
  • Speaker type: front pair
  • Output power (watts): 100
  • Description:BOOK SHELF
  • Sound system:DOLBY SURROUND
  • Receive Bluetooth signals: No
  • Speaker size: front pair 5.2 inches, 2-way



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About the Product

Product Details

Bose Speaker (100 W, Black) 251 is an outdoor wall speaker for outdoor installation. Comes with amazing sound quality The result is a sound system that many people dream of. Can be used as a speaker for the exterior of the building as well While the materials used to make the speakers are selected from good quality materials With high strength Allowing you to easily enjoy all your entertainment Meet the needs of people who enjoy outdoor entertainment such as companies, stores, restaurants, or places where there is a need to use sound.


Considered as a response to your needs well Allowing you to enjoy your favorite music with Bose speakers for superb sound. With the powerful driver size that provides clear sound Therefore able to respond balancedly And has an easy to use size

Is a quality speaker And easy to use in the outdoor, comes with sound genres that must be said to be very good, balanced and unique in the sound of this brand. Give a good response Together with a compact design Make it easy to use Can be conveniently installed That comes with full function functions. In addition, with a distinctive external appearance Looks luxurious in itself Made from quality materials That makes it durable and last for a good value for sure.


  • Speaker type: dual front speaker
  • Output power (watts): 100
  • Feature: BOOK SHELF
  • Sound system: DOLBY SURROUND
  • Bluetooth receiver: Not
  • Speaker size: 5.2-inch front, 2-way