Bluetooth Speaker Ceiling 791 II

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Product specification
  • Speaker type: front pair
  • Description: Book Shelf
  • Receive Bluetooth signals: Yes
  • Speaker size: front pair 7 inches/2 way
  • one 7" woofer and two 1" tweeters in each speaker
  • room-filling Stereo Everywhere design paintable grilles included



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About the Product

Product Details

Bose Bluetooth Speaker Ceiling 791 II

Choose the best Bose ceiling speakers you can buy. The Virtually Invisible Ceiling Speakers (sold as a pair) are engineered with one 7" woofer and two strategically positioned 1" tweeters, each eliminating the need to point the speakers in. in the room The exclusive Bose Stereo Everywhere speaker performance delivers balanced stereo sound in a wider space without drop-out.