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Double Doors Refrigerator (12.6 Cubic, White) RCNT375E50VZGW

Double Doors Refrigerator (12.6 Cubic, White) RCNT375E50VZGW

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Product specification
  • Energy-saving with ProSmart Inverter Compressor
  • EverFresh+? Fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days
  • NeoFrost? Dual Cooling Technology
  • Active Fresh Bluelight helps to maintain freshness and maintain the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
  • IonGuard? technology can help remove odors in your fridge
  • Digital Temp Control system
  • Capacity: 360 liters / 12.6 Cubic
  • Dimension (cm.) H 185 x W 60 x D 67
  • Weight (kg.) 75

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About the Product

Product Details

Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer with Double Door Refrigerators RCNT375E50VZGW

Fresh Vegetables Technology Fruit over 30 days
The main pair ... Of raw materials Beko EverFresh + ? keeps the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to 30 days, reducing the spoilage rate. Can extend the life of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator to cook a new menu not a day.

Blue light retains vitamins.

The main pair of partners ... of the health line. Beko Active Fresh Blue Light ? technology helps to maintain freshness and maintain the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. With blue light inside the vegetable storage compartment, the photosynthesis process in the refrigerator is as well as in nature. Extend shelf life up to 30%

 Beko RCNT375E50VZGW

Motor Pro Smart Inverter
Beko always has the technology of ProSmart ? Inverter Compressor to automatically adjust the temperature. Both energy and electricity bill.

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Small tank
Want to water, but do not want to waste space in the refrigerator? Its okay because Bekos SlimTank ? comes in a small size. No need to waste space to add more water.

Beko RCNT375E50VZGW - 3


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