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Picnic Gas Stove (20CM, Matcha) AK-8000R

Picnic Gas Stove (20CM, Matcha) AK-8000R

Product specification
  • The stove is made of rust-proof coated steel.
  • There is a 2-stage gas cutting system.
  • Size (cm): 20.00 W x 9.00 H x 25.00 D

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About the Product

Product Details

Picnic gas stove AIKO model AK-8000R

Make your cooking more comfortable with the AIKO picnic gas stove model AK-8000R, which is compact and compact. The stove is made of anti-rust coated steel, painted, beautiful, easy to clean. with a maximum power of 2.1 kW/hr Using disposable gas cans, it can cook fast food easily. And give you more confidence in safety with a 2-step gas cutting system, comes with a carrying bag that can be stored well So you can carry it wherever you want.

If the gas canister is overpressured due to overheating, the gas stove will unlock and push the canister out immediately. If the system cannot bend the can, the gas will be cut off automatically.

AIKO Picnic Gas Stove (20CM, Matcha) AK-8000R